B&B Cà del Lupo in Bergazzi di Gravago, Bardi (PR)

On a beautiful day in early September, what could be more exciting than a trip to the mountains to a place that already looks wonderful on the photos, imagine in real life? Not only thanks to an enchanting view, but also to a wellness centre that would appeal to any kind of person. We’re talking about Cà del Lupo, the first B&B to open in the province of Parma, 12 Km from Bardi, which is every bit as good as other newer structures in the area. A beautiful rustic stone building, surrounded by greenery that our friend Challie has furnished with her personal taste and attention to detail.

I arrive in the hamlet of Noveglia and following the directions of Cà del Lupo, I reach the B&B. It is Challie who meets and welcomes me and at once I notice in her a light and serenity that can only be attributed to living in a place such as this. The total calm and close contact with nature is without a doubt at the root of this physical and mental well-being.




First, she shows me the garden adorned with an array of different kinds of flowers with enchanting corners of paradise, where her guests can enjoy their surroundings, sitting on a wrought iron bench set in front of an extraordinary view, or curl up on deckchairs and hammocks positioned under the shade of beautiful trees, or maybe drink a refreshing herbal tea just as the Dutch couple are doing, which, as I understand, is not the first time they’ve come to spend their holiday at Cà del Lupo. Flowers of a thousand colours, trees and plants are certainly not lacking, there is even the ‘l’albero guida’ (the guide tree) that Challie explains is the most visible tree in the Bergazzi area, a landmark. Here, on a summer’s day this August, she and her guests were treated to the sight of swallows and martins in flight and song. Eventually, we come to the lavender field where the lavender is grown to produce the 100% essential bio oil and bio lavender water on display in the atrium inside the house.




After finishing the tour of the garden, she takes me to the rooms inside. In doing so we enter the kitchen where Challie’s bread is baking in the oven. I can only imagine how delicious it is, accompanied by a spoon of mouth-watering pear jam that I eagerly try, I can honestly say I’ve rediscovered the true flavours of fruit and natural products. After this, she shows me the living room with its majestic stone fireplace that, despite the warm summer weather, I can only wonder how pleasant it must be to relax in front of on a winter’s day with the valley covered in snow and a Christmas atmosphere throughout the house.
The decor is very tasteful and elegant and nothing is left to chance; the stone floors and antique furniture are graced with ornaments, vintage photo frames, straw hats, flower bouquets and ceramic pots, and an upright piano. Everything in this home has value, the value of the passion that Challie exhibits, and it is this passion that her guests know, in fact they return again and again to her and Giuliano (her husband) with gifts from all over the world to thank her for her warmth and cheerful character.

Cà del Lupo’s rooms are delightful to say the least. Some of them have stone fireplaces that certainly don’t go unnoticed. Warm, cosy and finely furnished. I find it so romantic that I feel the need to say, ‘Here, even a couple going through a rough patch would find love again.’ All are decorated with bunches of wild flowers that give life to the rooms.



We return to the ground floor and Challie brings me to the strong point of Cà del Lupo; the wellness centre. Indeed, this B&B is perfect for those who want to combine wild nature walks, a dip in the river for those who want to venture into the wilderness, spa treatment with massage, emotional shower or (my favourite) the hot tub facing a huge window that provides breathtaking views of the mountains.
Words fail to adequately describe the beauty of this room, with indoor plants that seem to connect it harmoniously to the garden outside and make you feel immersed in nature. Next, the solarium, also decorated with large indoor plants and candles that give the environment a sense of peace that her guests can enjoy while sipping a herbal tea.



Breakfast at Cà del Lupo is one of the most eagerly anticipated moments. It is abundant, deliberately so that guests can benefit from it throughout the day without having to go to the nearest town, Noveglia. Bread, jams and cakes that Challie prepares marvellously, eventually getting to the savory dishes and fresh seasonal fruit. A real delight for the palate.



I can be nothing less than satisfied with this visit and, without a doubt, am happy to recommend it to all those who want to spend a holiday (or even a weekend) with their family or partner in the mountains to get away from frenetic city life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the winter period B&B Cà del Lupo offers a transport service from Noveglia for guests who have difficulty accessing the residence.

I warmly recommend taking a tour of Bardi, the last town before arriving in Noveglia. A wonderful town characterized by a unique fortress of its period. A castle built on a rock that hosts touring exhibitions, but above all that has been well maintained and is an absolute must to visit. The town also deserves a visit, especially with a camera at hand to capture glimpses of villages and wonderful views.
I recommend visiting the website that is found in the ‘LINK UTILI’ section of the profile page to find out more about the area and activities that can be done in and around.

And, as far as I’m concerned, I’m ready for the next discovery.

See you soon.